Microphor started in 1956 and devoted its efforts to research and development with minimal sales activity.

By 1969, the company had moved to expanded facilities and became a multi-faceted manufacturing operation with sales tripling dramatically in the following three years. As Microphor began to grow, operations were separated into four market divisions to better serve an expanding customer base: Railroad, Marine, Commercial Plumbing and Custom Manufacturing Divisions. Today, Microphor is a vertically integrated company with worldwide sales and 85 employees. They have 70,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities situated on a rural seventeen acre site located 150 miles north of San Francisco.

Recognizing a need for treatment systems on marine vessels, Microphor began marketing two quart toilets and waste treatment systems to the marine industry. Today, Microphor enjoys an international reputation as a leading supplier of Microflush Marine Heads. Microphor Marine Sanitation Devices are in use worldwide on both pleasure and commercial vessels. Approximately 450 commercial fleet customers have purchased these systems ranging in size from 1-person to 100-person units that are installed on tugboats, tankers, freighters, workboats, fishing vessels, and oil platforms. Other marine products include sump/pumps.

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